Learn To Fly

It's Time to Start Your Adventures

Climb into a plane and fly off for a weekend visit with family and friends. Soar above your hometown, seeing streets and landmarks in entirely new ways. Or simply enjoy the serenity and silence of your own high-altitude “Zen.”

Our Aircrafts:

Tail Number
Aircraft Type
Aircraft Description
N46299 Cessna 172M IFR, Garmin GNX 375 GPS with ADSB In & Out $120 per hour WET
N20839 Cessna 182P IFR, Garmin GNS 530 GPS Waas with ADSB Out $175 per hour WET

Our Instructors:

Jessie Coyle JCoyle101@Gmail.com (631) 276 - 9550
Ron Creel Ron41w@Gmail.com (407) 908 - 5189
Regis Lauer rlrl1234@msn.com (407) 247 - 8432
Troy Techau troy@windroseaviation.com (407) 476 - 9463