Types Of Membership

       Pilot Member

  • Attend All Club Meetings And Events
  • Access to Club Aircrafts at Club Rates

       Non-Pilot Member

  • Attent All Club Meetings And Events

We offer Fun, Fellowship, and Flying for a vast spectrum of aviation enthusiasts. That would include those with a budding curiosity to those with advanced certifications and many hours in their log books. Together we can all advance our love of aviation and enjoy the fellowship along the way. The club is a member of the AOPA Club Network and works closely with AOPA for support, encouragement, and tools to enhance the club experience. It is an opportunity to get advanced certificates and help those just getting started to earn their private certificate. Or we have a Hitch Hiker Club if you just want to hang out with other aviation enthusiasts and maybe get your feet off the ground occasionally.

We are proud of our clean, well-equipped, well-maintained airplanes. We all share in the upkeep by assuring the airplanes are neat and clean after every flight. The Club holds regular social events such as hanger cookouts, member discussions, and restaurant cookouts every few months. 

Our airplanes are maintained to the highest standards and comply with the applicable FAA regulations. The airplanes get 50-hour oil changes, have 100-hour inspections and annual inspections. We take care of routine “squawks” as soon as possible after being reported in our system to make sure the aircraft is always airworthy and ready.

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